Aim Four: Encouraging Greater Engagement

“The Strategy aims to encourage and enable people of all backgrounds and ages to engage with the past, to advocate for the role archaeology can play in learning, and to explore new ways of presenting and interpreting information.”

Since 2018 Cameron Archaeology has been in partnership with Aden Country Park, Aberdeenshire, to deliver a programme of community archaeology with local schools and volunteers. The project engaged many people for their first time not only in archaeology, but also Aden Country Park which is an amazing resource for the local community. You can find out more about the project on their Facebook page and find more videos on their YouTube channel.

DigIt! – Evaluation report published

Dig It! aims to encourage the discovery of Scotland’s stories through archaeology by providing innovative promotion and support to the heritage sector. Dig It! has advertised nearly 2,500 events for members of the public since 2015 and now coordinates the annual Scotland Digs campaign to promote the summer dig season. An evaluation report was published in 2018 which praised the project for ‘Shining a Light on Scottish Archaeology’ – sharpening the ideas of partner organisations and inspiring the sector to find new ways of presenting archaeology. You can read the report here and find out more about the work of Dig It! on their website.

Heritage Resources Portal: A showcase of the best heritage learning resources in Scotland!

The Heritage Resources Portal is unique – a gathering of the best heritage resources about Scotland’s past. It is aimed primarily at teachers, but it is a great place for youth workers, home-schoolers and people in other learning and educational settings, to find resources for leading sessions. It also includes learners’ resources, such as games, apps, and primary sources.

Archaeological Learning Leaflet

‘This leaflet is a summary of the Archaeological Learning Report, and shows how the benefits of archaeological learning in the classroom and other settings. Print copies of this leaflet are available on request’

Archaeological Learning: Impacts and Benefits

‘This study was commissioned to promote the integration of archaeology into wider learning frameworks. This report sets out the aims, methods and results of consultation and research into the potential impacts and benefits of learning that involves archaeology, and offers a framework tool to guide the design of archaeological learning which is informed by the findings.’ New report now available, commissioned by the Strategy’s Archaeology and Learning Working Group, on the Impacts and Benefits of Archaeological Learning. Download the report here.

Heritage Hero Awards

Archaeology Scotland’s Heritage Hero Awards offer a framework, a focus and a reward for groups undertaking heritage focused projects.  The Awards are free, and are based on a relationship of trust and support between Archaeology Scotland and those taking part.

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