Celebrating Archaeology in Scotland – Notes for Contributors

Celebrating Archaeology in Scotland – Notes for contributors

Issues of Celebrating Scotland’s Archaeology can have dozens of contributors so, to achieve consistency, we edit all articles to create a relatively consistent style, as well as to match our house style in terms of punctuation etc. We like to tell as many of your stories as we can but, due to limitations of space, we may shorten your article if needed. We have put a sample from our 2022 issue below to give you a sense of how the final article may look.

An example of a page from Celebrating Archaeology in Scotland 2022

Titles and Sub-titles
Please give us a short title for your contribution – this should be simple and eye-catching. Please consider a short sub-title at any natural breaks in the writing; this improves ease of reading, helps readers navigate, and breaks up the text.

Please let us know who you would like your contribution to be attributed to. We do not use titles or post-nominals before or after names and prefer named contributors, rather than organisations, to make the magazine more approachable.

As the publication will have a digital version, we encourage you to embed links to websites if you wish, where readers can find out more.

Any submission should come with at least two high-resolution images to illustrate the story, and more if possible. You should have permission to share these and be able to let us know what copyright allocation may be needed. A short caption should be supplied within the text of your submission, including copyright attribution.

We also use photographs and images on social media, Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy website and elsewhere to promote the magazine and the strategy. We may follow up to ask you if you are happy for us to do so.

We understand that people wish to thank funders and participants of projects in their submission, but this can become repetitive when reading the magazine as a whole, so we prefer a general single statement (i.e. ‘we are grateful to all our funders and participants’) rather than a list of funders or lengthy lists of thanks. If funders have requirements for you to acknowledge them by name, please let us know.

The magazine will be checked for accessibility, including supplying alt-text descriptions for images to allow the magazine to be read using screen-readers.

Copyright and hosting
Celebrating Archaeology is issued under an Open Government License which is a non-profit open access licence –  you should feel free to share and host the digital copy how you wish. You can view the license here: http://nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3/. Physical copies, where they are available, are lodged in libraries through the Legal Deposit Library Scheme.

A PDF download of these notes can be found here.