Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee

The Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee was formed in 2013 following a review of the Archaeology function at Historic Scotland.

Remit (revised 2016)

The Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee (SSAC) will be an informal group, representing key partners / interests, to help with the development and delivery of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy.

Community excavation Pailbe
Community excavation, Loch Phaibeil (copyright Tom Dawson)


The aims of the SSAC are to:

  1. Help create, promote and deliver Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy
  2. Offer advice and guidance to the Archaeology Team within Historic Environment Scotland
  3. Represent key areas of expertise in the sector


Key areas to be supported by the Committee include:

  • Development and promotion of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy
    • Development of a regularly updated implementation plan
    • Oversight of delivery
  • Discussion of timescales, funding and priorities for areas to be addressed


  1. The SSAC will include members with expertise in the following key areas:
  • Archaeological Science
  • Commercial Archaeology
  • Clients / Development interests
  • Community / Voluntary Archaeology
  • Education and Archaeology
  • Land Management
  • Local Authority Archaeology
  • Museums (including the National Museums Scotland)
  • The Professional Institution (Chartered Institute for Archaeologists)
  • University Archaeology
  • Others as deemed appropriate
  1. There will be links to the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF), and also to the Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) when appropriate. Committee members can represent multiple areas on the committee. Others will be invited to attend as necessary, particularly representatives of relevant working groups.
  1. Committee members will serve 4 year terms – although the first group of committee members will serve between 2-5 years to ensure that there isn’t a sudden change of membership 4 years after starting. Members will only serve one term to ensure regular change of personnel and dynamism to the committee.

The Chair will come from within the committee but not be a member of HES staff. HES will provide necessary administrative support to the Chair.

  1. The group will aim to meet three times a year.
  1. The minutes will be made available on the SAS website –


The Group will consider its progress against its remit and report to the Chief Executive of HES on an annual basis, recognising HES’s lead role in the delivery of Our Place in Time. It will liaise with the relevant groups of Going Further as necessary.

The members of the Committee are as follows:

Area of expertise Name Title Organisation Date to leave Committee
Archaeological Science Dr Kate Britton Lecturer Aberdeen University 2020
Commercial Archaeology Thomas Rees Consultant Archaeologist Rathmell Archaeology / Federation of Archaeological Managers & Employers (FAME) 2021
Commercial Archaeology Kirsty Dingwall Project Manager Headland Archaeology / FAME 2022
Community / Voluntary Vacant
Clients / Development Interests Peter Connelly Archaeologist Northlight Heritage / FAME 2020
Education and Archaeology Dr Jennifer Thoms Learning Officer Archaeology Scotland 2023
Land Management Derek Alexander Head of Archaeology National Trust Scotland 2021
Local Authority Archaeology Bruce Mann Archaeologist Aberdeenshire Council / ALGAO 2022
Museums Dr Sharon Webb Director & Curator of Archaeology Kilmartin Museum 2024
Museums Galleries Scotland Jacob O’Sullivan Collections & Engagement Manager Museums Galleries Scotland 2020
National Museums Scotland Dr Fraser Hunter Principal Curator of Prehistoric & Roman Archaeology National Museums Scotland 2022
Skills and Training Kate Geary (& Cara Jones) Head of Professional Development Institute for Archaeologists 2023
University Archaeology Professor Stephen Driscoll Professor of Historical Archaeology University of Glasgow 2019
Young Person Edward Stewart Student University of Glasgow 2022
ScARF Helen Spencer ScARF Project Director Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 2023
HES Archaeology Dr Rebecca Jones Head of Archaeology & World Heritage Historic Environment Scotland

In addition, others may be invited to attend as appropriate.

The Committee would like to thank the following former members:

Dr Mark Hall
History Officer
Perth Museum & Art Gallery
Peter Hinton
Chief Executive
Institute for Archaeologists
Dr Simon Gilmour
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Eila Macqueen
Archaeology Scotland
Robin Turner
Head of Survey & Recording
Historic Environment Scotland
Dr Val Turner
Shetland Archaeologist
Shetland Amenity Trust
Dr Katie Stevenson
Keeper of Scottish History & Archaeology
National Museums Scotland
2016 – 2018
Susan Kruse
Project Officer
Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands (ARCH)
2013 – 2017
Matt Ritchie
Forestry Commission
2013 – 2017
Dr Chris Bowles
Archaeology Officer
Scottish Borders Council
2013 – 2016
Dr Alan Leslie
Northlight Heritage
2013 – 2016
Rod McCullagh
Deputy Head of Archaeology Strategy
Historic Environment Scotland
2013 – 2016
Dr Karen Milek
Senior Lecturer
Aberdeen University
2013 – 2016
Simon Stronach
Former Senior Associate Director
CgMS Consulting
2013 – 2016
Luke Wormald
Strategic Policy Manager
CHED, Scottish Government
2013 – 2015

Minutes –

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2014 March June December
2015 March July October
2016 January May October
2017 February May October
2018 January