Aim Four: Encouraging Greater Engagement

Glasgow Mela 2019, Kelvingrove Park. © Alastair Ross.

“To enable and encourage engagement with our past through creative and collaborative working, active involvement, learning for all ages and enhanced archaeological presentation”

Heritage Resources Portal: A showcase of the best heritage learning resources in Scotland!

The Heritage Resources Portal is unique – a gathering of the best heritage resources about Scotland’s past. It is aimed primarily at teachers, but it is a great place for youth workers, home-schoolers and people in other learning and educational settings, to find resources for leading sessions. It also includes learners’ resources, such as games, apps, and primary sources.

Aim 4 – Archaeological Learning Leaflet

‘This leaflet is a summary of the Archaeological Learning Report, and shows how the benefits of archaeological learning in the classroom and other settings. Print copies of this leaflet are available on request’

Aim 4 – Archaeological Learning: Impacts and Benefits

‘This study was commissioned to promote the integration of archaeology into wider learning frameworks. This report sets out the aims, methods and results of consultation and research into the potential impacts and benefits of learning that involves archaeology, and offers a framework tool to guide the design of archaeological learning which is informed by the findings.’

Heritage Hero Awards

Archaeology Scotland’s Heritage Hero Awards offer a framework, a focus and a reward for groups undertaking heritage focused projects.  The Awards are free, and are based on a relationship of trust and support between Archaeology Scotland and those taking part.