Celebrating Archaeology in Scotland 2019

We are proud to present ‘Celebrating Archaeology in Scotland 2019’, the second issue of our report on the delivery of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy. This magazine is also a place to find out about some of the most exciting projects that have been happening across the country. You can find an electronic version of the report at the link below – keep your eye out for hard copies at events or get in touch with us at archaeologystrategy@hes.scot if you would like some to distribute.


Celebrating Archaeology in Scotland 2019, Online Edition (pdf. 12mb) 

We would love your feedback on the magazine. Would you like us to do it again? What should we do differently? We would appreciate advice and suggestions, which you can provide by e-mailing archaeologystrategy@hes.scot.

If you have a project which is delivering the archaeology strategy and would like to be featured in future issues please get in touch.