Welcome to Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy

Our Vision 2025 – To Make Archaeology Matter

We want to live in a Scotland where archaeology is for everyone! A place where the study of the past offers opportunities for us now and in the future to discover, care for, promote and enjoy our rich and diverse heritage, contributing to our wellbeing and knowledge and helping to tell Scotland’s stories in their global context.

This Strategy has been developed by the Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee, following a consultation in 2015.

Download the Strategy here 

Our second report on the delivery of the Strategy, Celebrating Archaeology in Scotland 2019 launched in October 2019.

Latest News –

New report now available, commissioned by the Strategy’s Archaeology and Learning Working Group, on the Impacts and Benefits of Archaeological Learning. Download the report here.

Radiocarbon dating: A new guide for applicants –

This document provides step by step guidance on how to apply for radiocarbon dates from the Archaeological Science Manager at Historic Environment Scotland.

It covers eligibility criteria, sample selection, the application process, receiving and quoting results, as well as information on how the results will be disseminated in the National Record of the Historic Environment (NRHE). Download the guide here.